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Logo Design Tips to Make Your Brand Pop!

A logo is a graphic, typeset or combination of both that companies and individuals alike can use to promote their brand.  A logo becomes the image that embodies a specific entity, anything from an international enterprise to an individual’s blog.  A logo can be the most important aspect of a …

My Logodesign Questionnaire for Clients

Design firms use questionnaires to help identify their clients’ needs. The questionnaire below is a translation of my Dutch Logo-Questionnaire and may be used as a basis for creating one of your own. Sometimes, getting information out of a client can be a little like pulling teeth. A great research …

Defining various Logo-Styles

Often people don’t know which logo-style is best for their company, it’s getting even worse when they aren’t even aware of the fact that there are several logo-styles. In this following article, I will describe the different logo-styles and when best to use but first, lets start with the main purpose of a logo. What’s the main Purpose …

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