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Guidelines to Follow for Right Link Building Strategies


Do you know what link building is all about and where should you put all your efforts to get highest return? Strategic link building is all about setting up your competitive position in the online market that by now exists although informally in your sector of industry.

Link building is not only about search engine optimization, it’s not only about boosting your Google PageRank or about publishing a link directory or about swapping links with all the other sites.

If you have done loads of hard work for a link building campaign, you can expect to get rewarded with some of the impressive links. Though, the hard truth is that there are many individuals who are dissatisfied with the trickle of links in addition to the trickle of traffic that their efforts build. If you think this is quite similar to you, you can step back a bit to re-access your linking strategy. Do calculate whether you are giving enough thought to your linking approach?

How do you define the Online Market?

When all the potential customers look out for an answer to their difficulty, they try out to do some kind of search on Google. They scan out directories, read varied articles along with product reviews, hang around various discussion groups and finally evaluate the competitors.

The websites that your potential customers make use of to opt for the make up the online market place do around your industry. These are the websites in which you need to be on and your link building strategy will get you there right away.

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You need to follow the strategy given below in order to get you to the right spot:

  • Understand the market place quite well – In what market sector do you provide your service, you need to asses it quite well. How do the different sectors rank in terms of significance to your business? You need to have a look at all these carefully.
  • Develop good content – In true sense, there is no substitute for good content. It content that get you up the search engine rankings. You should own every piece of content on your website for a purpose.
  • Ensure that you write your articles well – The copy of content should be well written and easily accessible to all the search engines.
  • Look at the various media related websites – In terms of information media sites are the right place. Get hold of the coverage to get a link to your website that will get you significant traffic.
  • Issue online press releases – For one-to-many approach you can issue more of press releases. This is considered to be one of the best ways for good media coverage.
  • Move on to the various non-media websites – Any editorial coverage or links will help you in your cause. As you site will rank on one of the top websites therefore, you have relevant terms to be of the same opinion.
  • Monitor and assess – Instead of counting number of links you got on your site, you need to find out whether they are quality links onto your website.

So, with these link building strategies you can set up a competitive position in the online industry.


Author: Celina Jonesi

Celina Jonesi is a distributor for British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) is one of the UK’s leading industry bodies dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional products.


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  1. Thank you for the some insight. I too afraid to do that link building with others. This will give me some knowledge and will study more to keep me update !

    • Hi Sri,

      .. an honor to have you visiting my humble lil’ blog, Sir!

      Glad you liked the article, and yeah, link building should be done thoroughly and with patience! But as explained by Tyler (see previous comment), if done correctly you can see the some benefits quickly!

      Link building strategies can go totally wrong as well, like when you’ll buy for links and stuff .. I’ve got a simple rule of thumb for this: if not completely sure, don’t link (back)! Good luck and thanks for your visit, Cheers & Ciao!

  2. Link building is one of my least favorite activities. But I think most people feel this way, so when you actually sack up and do it, you get ahead of the competition pretty fast. Especially, in small niche or for non-ecommerce terms. There might be 100 similar posts on a topic for example but few people actually spend the time to build 1 let alone 100 links, which will almost always see you climb the serps in good time.

    • Hi Tyler,

      .. first of all, sorry for my late reply but I’m in a huge hackathon to finally redesign my (very old) current corporate web. But yeah, totally agree that this is NOT the coolest activity for creatives, and I’m being diplomatic here ;-P

      But a good (and legal) link building strategy can get your site higher in the SERP’s, and as we all know that means better exposure .. so very worth every second of it! Thanks for your comment, Cheers & Ciao!