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10 Tips for Designers Facing Burnout

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The New Year is steadily approaching. The only problem? You’re completely burnt out. You may feel like nothing about this next year will change. You’re tired of your work, feeling like your designs are lacking, and can’t help but wonder whether graphic design was the right career choice.

Every creative goes through this at some point, so don’t let the winter weather get you down. Here are some ways to make sure you feel refreshed and inspired for a brand new start:

1. Talk to senior designers.

Because burn out is common, it’s great to speak with professionals who have been there before. This may be a time when you really do need to make a career transition. Or it could just be a normal part of the creative process. Speak to a more experienced designer you trust and allow them to lend some advice about how to get your groove back.

2. Do some manual drawing.

We have all become so digital. Many of us got into design in the first place because we loved to draw. Break out that sketch pad and charcoal again and see where your mind takes you.

3. Stop. Erase. Start from scratch.

If you’ve been designing for years, you may at this point be on autopilot. When you find yourself going into the same design patterns and failing to approach designs with a fresh perspective, just stop yourself. Scrap it all and start over. This technique can lend a quicker creative result that wringing your current design to death.

4. Revisit the things that inspired you during your design education.

Don’t forget about all the websites, design books, designers, and art that inspired you while you were just starting to learn about design. Revisiting them now can give you some new ideas.

5. Read a book.

When’s the last time you read a book? Or a design book for that matter? Find something you gravitate toward and crack one open.


6. Quit using renditions of your previous designs.

Stop taking your old designs and re-formulating them. This is the fastest track to burn out, and it’s also just a lazy way to design.

7. Go to an art exhibit.

Like reading a book or examining old inspiration, heading out to a live art exhibit gets you out of the office and out to see art live. You’ll also get the chance to mingle with creative types and let out some steam.

8. Take photos.

Capturing an image is similar to creating one. Head outside or create your own indoor studio and think about how you can use some of your final photos to inspire current designs.

9. Get a new coffee mug and re-design your office.

We go into the office or head to our desk in our home office. We drink from the same coffee mug, look at the same clock, and stare out the same window. Add a new flavor to your day by changing things up. Drink from a chic, modern coffee cup and add some cool curtains. Do anything you can to refresh your space and calm your mind.

10. Work from a new location.

Consider taking a leave to work remotely from a different location. Think about working from Europe for a month or living next to the Pacific Ocean. This is a great way to enliven your spirit and prepare yourself to get back to your home base with a new take on your career.


Author: Rachel Sanders

Rachel Sanders is a contributor to WebDesignSchools.com and is an avid artist and designer. Please feel free to leave questions or comments for her below!

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