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15+ New Free Fonts (no.11 Nov 2012)

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Every month I showcase the newest free fonts here, scanning all the various font foundry websites. So for this post, I’ve rounded up a fine collection of extremely useful free and oven fresh fonts for you to add to your font library.

All the showcased free fonts are well suited for web as well for print, in particular for the use in headlines, logo and flyer designs. Some of these new fonts also come in more styles/weights, so you can easily embed these fonts in your web designs or use them as a corporate (print) typeface.

Note: Tracking in all these fonts is set to 0.

As mentioned above, every month we publish new free fonts here on the gonzoblog.nl, in case you missed some beautiful new fonts, make sure to check these too: fresh free fonts!

CM Sans Serif 2012 (1 Style – TTF)

This font version is for personal use only and it is developed by Christopher Means. Subtle differences on a basic sans serif makes up this clean font.

CM Sans Serif 2012 Regular

Designed by Christopher Means


Lolita Medium (1 Style – OTF)

Lolita is a fresh neo-humanist sans serif with a display charmness. Legible & Playful, Lolita is a Sans Family with a touch of Mojo. From Branding, Magazines to catchy Advertisements.

Lolita Medium Typeface

Designed by Miguel Hernández


Tightrope (1 Style – TTF)

Featuring heavy serifs and subtle curves, it recalls old-fashioned print styles found on posters and broadsides promoting traveling circus troupes. Prior to WWI and talking pictures, circuses were a national pastime crossing the country coast to coast by train.


Designed by Alonzo Felix


LSTK Clarendon

A handlettered badass version of the english slab serif typeface, Clarendon. And because we don’t want anyone to be lonely, we release it in two styles, bold and outline.

LSTK Clarendon Sketch

Designed by studioelastik.com


Verb Black (1 Style – OTF)

Verb from Yellow Design Studio is an 18-font sans-serif family that’s friendly and approachable (only the ‘Black’ version is free), but trades huggable roundness for confidence and energy. Verb is lively, motivated and industrious but not too busy to say “hello”.

Verb Black Font

Designed by Yellow Design Studio


Americorps (14 Styles – TTF)

A beautiful and bold Sans Serif font that can be used for your headings, Americorps only comes in a an italic Uppercase/Small caps version, the letters are oblique type rather than true italics.

Americorps Fonts

Designed by Daniel Zadorozny


Mirella Script Limited (1 Style – TTF)

Mirella Script is a modern and clean approach of the classic French Bastarde script style (this is a limited free version with limited set). Mirella Script has original letters designed by Iza W and overall creative direction plus core programming by Paulo W.

Mirella Script Limited

Designed by Intellecta Design


SciFly Sans (1 Style – TTF)

Tomi Haaparanta, the famous and prolific font designer from the Suomi Type Factory, has created a new typeface, commissioned by Flyerzone. Anyone can download and use SciFly Sans within their projects to create a unique style.

SciFly Sans Free

Designed by Tomi Haaparanta


Bigmouth (2 Styles – TTF)

Bigmouth has been out there for a while, some rough edges were polished and refined and recently a ‘bold’ version has been added as well. In exchange for a tweet you can download this quality font for free.

Bigmouth Typeface

Designed by twelvetwenty.nl


Ballege Typeface (2 Styles – OTF)

Ballege Typeface is a Slab Serif inspired by College sports and ball games. The film ‘MoneyBall’, Directed by Bennet Miller, was the main inspiration for this font. The Regular/Oblique version of this font are free to download.

Ballege Typeface

Designed by Jose Garrido (Noem9)


YDXS (1 Style – TTF)

YDXS is a minimal font, that works well in some specific minimal designs hope you enjoy it. Notice that our fonts are created as display typefaces, so our fonts come with what we consider the needed and usually used for this end.


Designed by Upper Type


Wayfinding Sans Regular (1 Style – OTF)

You may have already read about the story behind the Wayfinding Sans typeface on I Love Typography and you might have seen the empirical study that proved its outstanding legibility. But now you can also try the typeface free of charge ..

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the full Wayfinding Sans Pro styles, but it stills comes with a large character set of 400 glyphs and a full support of Latin Extended.

Wayfinding Sans Regular

Designed by Ralf Herrmann


Moby (3 Styles – OTF/TTF)

Moby is a font insprired by the logotype of the legendary Bauhaus School in Weimar (Germany) and are created on a 5 x 5 Pixel Matrix. The unicase family comes with 3 Fonts: Moby Bold, Regular and Monospaced.

Moby Font

Designed by Floodfonts


Daiichi (1 Style – TTF)

Daiichi is a title font, it looks very nice when you make it super large. The light weight implies class, while the shape gives a unique characteristic and feel. This font is uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and all business.

Daiichi Font

Designed by Michael Muranaka


Juste  (2 Styles – OTF/TTF)

A really nice serif typeface in 2 styles, regular and italic.

Juste Serif

Designed by Dmitry Savin


Douce Medium (1 Style – TTF)

Douce is a decorative typeface created and published by Dmitry Savin.

Douce Medium

Designed by Dmitry Savin



Big. Bold. Beautiful. Slinkster is an intricately unique display face created by carefully overlapping equally-sized circles. The geometric patterns formed become increasingly mesmerizing the larger the type is set. Slinkster works best for display, headers, logotypes, and any other large-scale applications that allow the viewer to become hypnotized by its complexity.

Slinkster Font

Designed by Will Ryan


Multicolore (EPS font)

Multicolore is actually a multicolored font in EPS (Adobe Illustrator) format, so this is not a real font, but you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever.

To open this file you need at Adobe Illustrator CS3+, to easily change the color of any of the color segments: from Window Menu choose Swatches. Then in the Swatches palette change the color of the main color swatches by double-clicking the desired swatch.

Multicolore EPS Font

Designed by Ivan Filipov



Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.

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