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Tweet Parade (no.38 Sept 2012)

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Yay, it’s Saturday!  .. time for a new roundup with last week’s best articles and tutorials found on the interwebs. It’s all about web design and development, branding, SEO, tutorials, blogging and more. A broad scale of topics, but never-the-less the underlying focus is on Design.

Also I see this as my personal bookmarks of great articles from the Community of the last period. These hand-picked articles and tutorials are categorized by their main topics. The best way to keep track of these tweets is simply to follow me on Twitter.

Webdesign Coding: CSS, HTML, Javascript, PhP, APIs, etc.

How to Pull Off a Tilt Shift Effect With Webkit CSS Filters – We’ll learn all about the new CSS filters in Webkit and how to implement an image mask in CSS. We’ll then use these techniques for our final tilt shift effect.

Useful PHP code snippets and functions – Every web developer should keep useful code snippets in a personal library for future reference. Today, I have compiled the most interesting and useful PHP code snippets I have added to my personal snippet library ..

Image styling with canvas – Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to apply style information to images, without permanently affecting the data, just like we do with text? Today, we’re going to build a simple jQuery plugin to do just that.

How & When to Build Website Content using Tables – But even following modern practices of HTML5/CSS3 we can still find a use for tables. In this article I’d like to share a few techniques and ideas for when you should be using tables in your webpages.

Web Development for Beginners (Resources) – I’ve been collecting links to beginners resources for web development for some time now, so I thought I’d share that list here.

The Developer’s Guide To Writing Cross-Browser JavaScript Polyfills – In today’s post, I’m going to recount my experience of creating a cross-browser polyfill along with the lessons learned along the way. I’ll also give you some tips on how you can create ..

HTML5 hidden Attribute – When applied to an element, the hidden attribute acts very much like CSS’ display: none;  the element disappears from view and its dimensions collapse.

Tell CSS that JavaScript is available ASAP – When you’re styling parts of a web page that will look and work differently depending on whether JavaScript is available or not, it can be very useful to use JavaScript to change or add a class name to the html element.

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 for HTML5 developers, a big step forward – The new main version of the Apple’s iOS is with us, along with the new iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch fifth generation. Lot of new stuff is available for HTML5 developers and -as always- no much official information is available.

Usability, User Experience, Responsive Webdesign, Mobile, etc.

How to Optimize Your Mobile Website – If you haven’t yet taken the time to build a mobile website version or if you’ve circumvented the process by installing a bland mobile template on top of your existing site, now is the time to undertake this process using the tips below.

Five Things You Should Do to Be a Great UX Designer – There is no one true process for User Experience, just a framework. That framework is the intersection people, business and technology, and our job is to understand all three so they work in harmony.

The unGlossary of A/B Testing: Terminology & Tips to Run Better Tests – Now it’s time to master one of your most important marketing milestones — A/B testing. Luckily, it’s just as simple as learning your ABCs (or close anyway).

Responsive Web Development as a Standard, Step-by-Step – We can include the concept of responsive design in nearly all of our projects. It seems today as though a website that works on a multitude of screen sizes is not a “luxury”, but instead a necessity.

How I Chose A Grid Framework – Today I want to talk a little more about the 8 column grid behind this design from the development side. Choosing the grid rested on one line of thought and how to build the thing on another.

Design Trends for More Accessible Mobile Content – When dealing with mobile interface design you have to consider a number of factors. Not all devices are built the same, and so each visitor will have a different experience and you have to cater for that.

Responsive embeds- This article shows examples of how to embed video and other iframes in a responsive web design and has examples with YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare.

The web developer’s guide to A/B testing – A/B testing is one way in which you can optimize your client’s marketing presence and generate more sales.

Webdesign in Common, Web Typography, jQuery, Tools, etc.

Top Ten Lessons Learned From Poor Web Design – If your chosen line of work is web design and you are just starting out with this career, you might want to see what poor web design is all about.

Build a Color Scheme: The Fundamentals – Let’s dig into the very fundamentals of building a color scheme for your web design: what colors fit to which context, how do combinations work and what color scheme concepts are there?

12 Steps to Sustainable Web Design – The Web’s planetary footprint is rising, and in a few short years, data centers alone will have a bigger environmental impact than the entire airline industry.

20 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look at – Every other day we seem to discover something new, something cutting-edge and sometimes we find something that is truly groundbreaking and indispensable. We do love the innovation of the jQuery community.

Online Code Editors That You Would Actually Consider Using – If you search the depths of the internet well enough you find out about some online code editors that you haven’t heard about before. In this article you will find 22 of these online code editors ..

20 things web designers can learn from print design – Long before the all singing, all dancing, click-me-now world of the internet arrived, print designers were making layouts which embraced the power of typography, image selection, and simplicity.

25 Great jQuery Accordion Plugins and Tutorials – In this article, you will find a collection of useful jQuery accordion plugins and some tutorials you can use to improve your website. The majority of these items are free so you can grab some cool accordion ..

12 Definitive Wireframe Tools for Designer – I have collected 12 more useful and handy wireframe tools, and if you are a designer you can get many advantages out of these tools. Because a website wireframe is a necessary design draft that is being completed ..

Exceptional JQuery Carousels and Sliders – There are numerous features in jQuery which are amazing and fabulous but here we will discuss its one feature which is very common and mostly you see on websites in the shape of sliding photos, sliding banners etc

best articles of last week

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Typography, Print Design, Icons, etc.

9 mistakes designers make when creating a logo – Whether you are a designer looking to improve your skills or a small business owner looking to understand the process behind logo design, this article will help you learn from the mistakes of others;

7 Reasons Branding & Design Play a Vital Role in Your Marketing – Those that think branding is just a fluffy, marketing buzz word need this blog post. And if you’re a brand marketer who’s tired of explaining why your job matters for the greater sales and ..

Creating Effects With Custom Brushes in Photoshop – Creating varied effects can be difficult for many designers. It is human nature to create your work in a uniform manner. Many times it can be hard to produce natural effects or special effects, because they look too uniform or constrained.

An Intermediate Guide to Stylesheets for Adobe InDesign- Having the same look and feel throughout a book or magazine is essential to the viewer’s reading experience. But maintaining the same fonts, spacing, and styles in a 200-page catalog can be painstaking.

Blogging, Social Media, Writing, Content Strategy, etc.

How to Create Content Maps for Planning Your Website’s Content – Content mapping is a visual technique that will help you organize and understand the content of a website. It can be a simple and valuable part of your site’s overall content strategy.

10 Best Time Saving Apps and Plugins To Optimize Your Blog – I can assure you there are better ways to spend your precious time, and I want to show you how with these great apps that are made for helping busy bloggers, like you and me.

3 Social Media Myths that are Preventing You from Succeeding – Success in social media hinges on your mental approach. If you can evolve the way you think about using social media, then you’ll get 10x the results.

How to Really Grow Your Blog Traffic – I’ll start by telling you two tips to blog growth. They’ll make all your efforts more worth it, meaning everything non-blog-growth related you do with be more worth it.

How To Get Click-Through Traffic on the Social Web – Getting clicks is getting harder and harder but when done properly, the social web can create traffic and conversions for your business. Allow me to illustrate…

A Content Marketer’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Killing It with Google+ – So, more than ever getting that Google+ account is critical for the content marketer–especially when it comes to driving traffic, subscribers and sales. But like most social media, having the account is not enough.

7 Outreaching Tools For Bloggers – We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of these time saving email outreach tools that every blogger should be using, which can save a tonne of time and increase productivity.

3 Ways to Create Highly Valuable Blog Content- This article will identify some of the best tips, tools and tactics for creating blog content that helps grow your business.

7 Ways to Get More Out Of Your Content Marketing Strategy – Sometimes it is hard to realize that content you like and have created with care and thoughtfulness will not get the attention you think it deserves.


Make a WordPress Menu that Stands Out From the Crowd – This little tutorial will show you how easy it is to create an image-based custom menu for your WordPress site or blog.  It only works for a menu with top-level items only though; sorry, no sub-menus.

How Compatible Is Your Theme With WordPress? – We are going to try in this quick tip to cover some of these answers and help you understand how to check your WordPress website for weaknesses and loose ends because of the plugins or themes you are using.

An Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard – When you login to WordPress, you’ll notice an incredible amount of power at your fingertips … seriously, it makes me feel like some kind of magical word wizard every time.

How-To Add Facebook Commenting to Your WordPress Site – Quickly and easily replace your current commenting system with Facebook comments. This is a really nice feature because not only does it make the commenting on your site more personal but ..

Integrating With WordPress’ UI: The Basics – In this series we’ll be looking at steps that you can take to help integrate your plugin into WordPress’ UI. In this article, we’ll focus on some basic guidelines, as well some the of the UI API available to you.

All About Choosing an ECommerce Plugin – Are you looking for a quick and effective way to prepare your site for modern electronic commerce? It can be a daunting task to take an existing site and convert it to one that will serve your customers well.

Dev releases HTML5 Blank for WordPress – HTML5 Blank is a WordPress theme for professional WordPress developers. It’s a preloaded shell to allow for rapid deployment, to get any developer coding within minutes. HTML5 Blank includes an extensive ..

Optimize Your WordPress Site to Load Faster- Here we look at 4 useful optimization tips that you can implement right now and get your site running faster than ever before.

10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website – It’s worth your time to look over this list of security tips, and to take the few simple actions to implement them. How secure is your website? Let’s go over the basics right now …

Search Engine Optimalization, Conversions, Analytics, etc.

Bare Minimum SEO: 3 Things You Must Do – If you could do only three things for SEO, what would they be? This is a question encountered by many smaller businesses, and even somewhat larger companies, either due to not having enough people (time) ..

An Introduction to Structured Data Markup – With structured data you can help search engines understand your content and display it in a useful, relevant way.

How the Google +1 Button Affects your Search Results – A great whitepaper on the effects of the Google +1 button and how it affects impressions, traffic, and overall search rankings, when placed on a website.

Boost Your Website’s Ranking With Proper SEO – You may surely know what a search engine is. But do you know how it actually works? And what are the secrets of websites ranking that everybody is not aware of!

Does Google+ Matter for Small Business Marketing? – View Google+ as a vital part of your content marketing program — and the rest of your Google+ decisions will take care of themselves.

How To Design A Website That Google Likes- Designing websites that are pretty and designing websites that Google likes–and which are effective–are often two very different things. And sadly, many people who hire agencies or developers to build their websites don’t know the difference.

How to Make Your Site Insanely Fast – No matter how beautiful your site is, your website page speed is critical to success.  Not only do faster load times help boost search engine rankings, but 40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


CSS3 patterned buttons –  Nowadays, using subtle patterns is kinda cool so I thought why not using them also on buttons? The idea was to create some nice CSS3 patterned buttons and in this article you’ll see what I’ve been working on lately.

Creating a Flipbook Image Slider with CSS3 3D Transforms and jQuery – Recently the ‘flip book’ effect has become really popular on a lot of websites, so I got to thinking about how you could go about pulling off that effect using some jQuery and CSS3.

Beautiful CSS3 Table Pricing Style – In tutorial, I am going to show you how to use some new CSS3 properties to design beautiful table template. With DIV and list style we define specific column in order to create a unique style adding classes to the markup list style.

Fullscreen Video Slideshow with BigVideo.js – BigVideo.js is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create fit-to-fill background video on a web page. It can play silent ambient background video (or series of videos), or used as a player to show video playlist.

CSS3 Hover Effects with Websymbols – In tutorial we are going to show you new CSS hover effects using CSS transition properties with websymbols. It looks so much more interesting with creative design using circles transition style.

Draw a Vintage Radio Icon in Photoshop – In this tutorial, we will explain how to a create vintage radio icon in Photoshop using simple shapes and layer styles.

Freelance, Business and Workflow Related Stuff

3 Reasons Why Web Designers And Developers Must Learn Online Marketing – I think that if you are a web designer or a developer who understands, and implements, online marketing, you not only have a tremendous advantage over your competition, ..

Compromising With Clients: Play Nice or Take a Stand? – I was recently put in an interesting position where I had to choose between my professional principles and a paycheck. As a designer, you’re probably no stranger to this situation.

The right size of legalese: 5 design contracts for diverse needs – The law: stuffy, complex and boring. You’re a designer; you’re bleeding edge; you laugh in the face of ‘the rules’; if you wanted to be hemmed in you’d have become a banker. Right?

What to do when your client breaks a signed contract – Remember, for every hour you spend in court or involved in the legal process, you forfeit an hour of productivity and work you would be doing for other clients.

F*cking Brilliant, a great Read or just magnificent Tips!

Why “The Fold” Is A Myth – And Where To Actually Put Your Calls To Action – If you’ve spent any time at all learning about web design, online marketing, or conversion-rate optimization, you’ll have heard to never put calls to action below the fold.

UX Sketching And Wireframing Templates For Mobile Projects -This article presents Outline, a set of sketching and wireframing papers for mobile platforms and Tapsize, a set of templates for checking optimal tap areas without a mobile device.

Storytelling to Problem Solve – Storytelling has long been a tool for user experience designers, guiding how we craft an experience. What I’m proposing is a bit different: The use of face-to-face conversation to change how we empathize with our audience.

Designing for Multiple Screen Sizes Is About Consistency – Designing for these devices might sound like a trivial task, but figuring out how to portray consistency between a 4-inch screen that you can touch with a finger, and a 60-inch screen that comes with a clunky remote control, is not so simple.

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I hope you have enjoyed these hand-picked great articles? Please let me know by sharing your opinion in the comments-section. Did we miss a great article, please let us know .. To keep up to date with all the cool links, simply follow me @gonzodesign


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