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15+ Free and Fresh High Quality Fonts (No.9 – Sep. 2012)

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Good typography, appropriate and readable fonts are the main ingredients for effective communication. Although it seems there’s an abundance of new and free fonts every month, few are trully readable high quality fonts.

To choose the right font for the job, we designers must consider the purpose of our work when making readability choices. Readability of fonts depends on how letters work together in words and in lines of text and affects how users process the information in the content.

Every month we try to publish new free high-quality fonts here on the gonzoblog.nl, in case you missed some beautiful new fonts, make sure to check these tagged articles too: Fresh and Free Typeface Series.

Note: Tracking in all these fonts is set to 0.

Some of these new fonts also come in more styles/weights, so you can easily embed these fonts in your web designs or use them as a corporate (print) typeface. So .. I hope you’ve trained your ‘download finger’, cuz you’re gonna need it!

Selfa ‘ver.2’ (1 Style | OTF)

This is the second version of Selfa which include bug fixes: Kerning fixed, Accurate measurement ( Baseline, X-height & Cap height) and  a simpler, smoother serif. A wonderful serif font with a big heap of elegance and Selfa is free for any commercial work.


Designed by MazeFall


Casper Typeface (4 Styles | TTF)

This is a continuation of my experimentation with fonts. Significant and minor revisions in the structure of characters. Also changed some of the characters forming. It still has elements of different styles, but Casper has become more holistic and harmonious.Includes arrows, alternate characters and signs, and legatury ordinals. Total 582 glyph.

Casper | Typeface

Designed by Michael Chereda


Numans (1 Style | OTF)

Numans font is a modern ‘grotesque’ sans-serif with open forms. Sometimes I would like to call it “Humans,” but since I am from Russia, my English is not so fluent and sometimes I can be confused. The name comes from romanticising this.

Numans Font

Designed by Jovanny Lemonad


Gram font (2 Styles | TTF)

An ultralight typeface that was quietly sophisticated, calm, clean, modern, and everything else I think Gram turned out to be. Like all of my current typefaces, Gram is named after a musical artist whose recordings created the soundtrack for the time I was designing it. It was simply perfect that I would be listening to Gram Parsons when I decided to design a typeface of so little mass, much like a gram. Because of its frail strokes, Gram is not suitable for text or other small sizes. Use it when you want an understated display type.

Designed by Scott Simpson


Stiff Staff font (1 Style | OTF)

Fontfabric type foundry presents Stiff Staff – decorative free font!

Stiff Staff font

Designed by Borislav Petrov


Benthem (2 Styles | OTF)

Benthem is a custom font designed by Keith Hayden with a lovely retro touch. It comes in two types (Regular & Bold) making it great for headings and posters.


Designed by Keith Hayden


Halvan Small Caps (1 Style | TTF/OTF)

A striking type with half-serifs The Halvan font family, a versatile type and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. From this font-family only the small caps are free to download.

Halvan Small Caps - Registration Required

Designed by driemeyerdesign

Download (registration required)

Vezus (1 Style | OTF)

Lovely sans serif font designed in 4 styles, but only the light version is free for download

Vezus Light

Designed by Slobodan Jelesijević


Regencie (4 styles TTF)

Font made by Alvaro Thomaz, inspired by Gotham, Avenir, Futura and Proxima Nova. Having 4 weights this typeface is suitable to use as a corporate typeface (on paper and on screen).

Regencie Font

Designed by Álvaro Thomáz


Aver (4 styles TTF)

Completed and released in May of 2012, Aver began very humbly as the first traditional or old-style serif typeface design by Lauren Thompson in June of 2009. Three years brewing and proven to be true, Aver asserts emphatically and solemnly.

Aver Font

Designed by Lauren Thompson


Gesta Semi Condensed Medium (1 Style | OTF)

Gesta Semi Condensed is a friendly versatile sans serif typeface suitable for corporate and editorial porposes. With it’s clean shapes and slightly curved strokes, Gesta Semi Condensed combines a distinctive and warm feel with a modern look.

Gesta Semi Condensed Medium

Designed by Rui Abreu

Download (registration required)

Goblin One (1 Style | OpenType)

Goblin One belongs to the category of display types called “Latin”. This is because of its sharp triangular serifs. Goblin One was inspired by a hand painted sign above a pub in the town of Reading (UK). Goblin One is a somewhat wide medium contrast design with a large x-height. Goblin One is both attention-getting and fun. Goblin is suitable for use in medium to large sizes including headlines. This font was made specifically to be web type.

Goblin One

Designed by Sorkin Type


Fontopo Neutral (1 Style | TTF)

fontopo NEUTRAL Regular is a semi-condensed sans-serif typeface containing 83 glyphs, could be used perfectly for poster design or headings.

Fontopo Neutral

Designed by Yoshihisa Nakai



A nice retro snas/serif typeface designed by TitanVex. This typeface comes in 4 weights: light, regular, bold and extra bold.

Origin Font

Designed by Tîtanvex


Sixta-Light (1 Style OTF)

Sixta, a new monoline face with a classical background, has comfortable proportions and a puissant appearance. Although it has plenty of movement and is eventful, its discreet stroke ductus makes it excellent both for text and display.


Designed by Hoftype

Download  (registration required)

Oranienbaum free font (1 Style | TTF)

It is a font that was designed for almost two years, two people, and then made public to everyone.

Oranienbaum Font

Designed by Ivan Gladkikh



Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.

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