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Tweet Parade (no.31 Jul/Aug 2012)


After a little struggle with getting blacklisted by Google and being totally verified clean again .. it’s time for a new roundup with the best design-related articles and tutorials of last week’s blogosphere, hand-picked for you. It’s all about webdesign, graphic design, SEO, tutorials, social media and more. A broad scale of topics, but never-the-less the underlying focus is on Design.

Also I see this as my personal bookmarks of great articles from the Community of the last period. The different articles and post are categorized by their main topics. The best way to keep track of these tweets is simply to follow me on Twitter.

Webdesign Coding: CSS, HTML, Javascript, PhP, APIs, etc.

Draggable without jQuery UI – It doesn’t have all the fancy callbacks and options, but hey, it makes things draggable (and with a specified handle optionally).

Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle – When writing a Web application from scratch, it’s easy to feel like we can get by simply by relying on a DOM manipulation library (like jQuery) and a handful of utility plugins. The problem with this is that it doesn’t take long to get..

Awesome: 10 CSS3 Box Shadow Experiments – This tutorial has been upgraded from its original version thanks to our friend Sven from Advanced Simple who sent us a solution to make these boxes work with Firefox 4, now you can find the improved code within the tutorial.

A Look Into: CSS3 Box-Sizing – To overcome the recurrent problem when creating web page layout, we can use the CSS3 box-sizing property to control how the CSS box model should work in the browsers.

An Introduction to HTML5 Application Building Features – Nowadays, however, applications in the web browser are becoming replacements for their desktop counterparts. With HTML5 we can finally have system notifications which appear outside the browser.

PHP Error Checking – As much as programmers attempt to anticipate every possible action or combination of actions that a user can take when encountering a web application, no one can foresee them all. When the user takes an unanticipated course of action and “breaks” the application, ..

Usability, User Experience, Responsive Webdesign, Mobile, etc.

Designing for Everyone : The Role of Accessibility in Service Design – At its core, accessible design is transformative, flexible, intuitive and customizable, making lives better and tasks easier—core design principles, no matter the audience.

Maintaining Image Hierarchy And Aspect Ratio In Responsive Design – The first step in having your images be flexible is to set max-width to 100% and let the height of the image adjust. This maintains the aspect ratio of the image, but there’s a got’cha that’s not immediately obvious.

The usability of radial menus – I can think of a few reasons why radial menus have not seen mainstream adoption beyond games. But the main one for me is how it looks to the first time user.

Responsive Web Design Tips – Different visitors operate different websites through different devices; for many of the websites creating a version for a different resolution and devices is next to impossible. But should this become a reason for us to lose our valuable visitors from one device, ..

Adaptive images: solving the responsive image problem – Adaptive images is the true solution to this whole conundrum. It is literally as easy as a drag and drop onto your server and you are all done. This adaptive method uses one htaccess file, one php file and a single line of javascript, and that’s it.

Webdesign in Common, Web Typography, jQuery, Tools, etc.

9 Essential Tips For A Successful Landing Page Design – Landing pages are one of the key parameters of doing business from a website. For those not aware of landing pages, these are the pages that are showcased first at the moment you click URL of any website.

Best Bookmarklets For Web Developers And Designers – Today we are going to explain the benefits that you can obtain by using bookmarklets, we will show you also examples of some of the nicest bookmarklets out there.

How can a programmer learn to design websites that don’t suck – So I’ve come up with a personal set of rules for the web, which work for me and I believe could be helpful for other programmers that want to stop producing “programmer’s designs” and start just producing “designs”.

15 jQuery 360 Degree Image Rotation Plugins – In this article, we are showcasing yet another set of plugins to enhance interactivity this time jQuery plugins for 360 degree image rotation. Basically, these plugins work like jQuery sliders but they display images in a differentpretty cool way.

Practical tips forimproving site navigation – Just as Site Search Analytics can improve your site’s search system, it can also increase findability in other ways. Here, we’ll show you a few approaches to improve your site’s navigation and metadata, based on analysing your query data.

Practical tips forimproving site navigation – Just as Site Search Analytics can improve your site’s search system, it can also increase findability in other ways. Here, we’ll show you a few approaches to improve your site’s navigation and metadata, based on analysing your query data.

The Elements For Designing a Clean Website – Today, we will not only discuss the important elements essential for a clean website but, we will also share a few tips on how to design a clean website. Let us start with the most essential elements a clean website should have.

The Aesthetics of Wireframes and the Importance of Context – A badly applied visual side of wireframes can totally disturb the reception of your ideas. It’s like attending an important diplomatic meeting in an embassy wearing a Stormtrooper outfit

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Typography, Print Design, Icons, etc.

Intro to Photoshop Layer Styles – Photoshop layer styles are a popular way to add effects, such as drop shadows and strokes, to layers in a non-destructive way. In this Session, we’ll show you how to unlock their potential!

Kerning in practice: beware odd letter spacing – Properly kerned type adds an extra level of professionalism and control to the typography on your site. While there are some software add-ons that can add (or remove) automatic kerning, most designers prefer to manually adjust lettering as necessary.

How to Turn Photographic Textures Into Masks in Photoshop – Today we’re going to learn about a super quick and easy way to take a photographic texture and turn it into a mask that affects the transparency of a layer. No matter how proficient you are with Photoshop, you should be able to pick up this..

Blogging, Social Media, Writing, Content Strategy, etc.

Are Facebook Apps More Profitable Than Niche Websites? – Develop a website with a fantastic user experience, compelling content, add a pinch of paid traffic, and stir vigorously with social media. But what if there was an alternative to the conventional web-publishing model?


WordPress Do’s and Dont’s For Success – we have here practical and beneficial tips on how to make your WordPress-based business successful. The advice is also a good checklist for any established business that may need a reboot or a push over a hump in performance.

50 of the Best WordPress Tips, Guides and Tutorials I Know – It doesn’t matter if you have never seen the WordPress Dashboard in your life, or if you have been using it since its b2/cafelog days – you will never know everything there is to know about WordPress.

Unraveling the Secrets of the comments.php File – One of the most important templates in any WordPress installation is the “comments.php” template file that is paired with virtually every single theme distributed for use with the world’s most popular content management solution.

Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks – Following is a feature-by-feature comparison of 7 popular premium theme frameworks. I am not including any free theme frameworks because their feature comparison would be lacking ..

20+ Useful Free WordPress Plugins – for Your Convenience today I have compiled 20+ best and free WordPress Plugins which ranges from Contactforms to SEO Plugins, Security to Calender plugins an much more.

25 Best WordPress Plugins Used By All High Traffic Internet Blogs – All these best wordpress plugins or most of them are being used by almost all top Internet blogs with the high traffic of above 75K+ every month. It already shows the significance of these plugins that every big guy is using them.

Lessons Learned Building a SaaS with WordPress – WordPress is easily customizable, open source, and a terrific platform for publishing web content. However, keep in mind that it has limitations and isn’t the perfect tool for every job.

Search Engine Optimalization, Conversions, Analytics, etc.

The Perils of Google Panda and Penguin & How To Overcome Them  – There has been some changes to what is considered to be good SEO (search engine optimization), which is why it is of paramount importance that you know how to recover from these updates if your website was affected, hence this article.


Build a User Settings Dropdown Menu with jQuery – In this tutorial I have actually built two working demo pages. The first runs on jQuery to fade the menu in and out as you hover. The 2nd demo is built using just CSS effects which display the submenu using the :hover selector.

Giving Users a Quick Disguised Exit From a Website – A simpler and less suspicious action would be to redirect the page to something generic and benign. Another advantage here is that you can count on it working in any browser.

Freelance, Business and Workflow Related Stuff

Word-of-Mouth: The Best Form of Advertising – It’s possible to generate enough marketing gravity to eliminate the need for prospecting. But those who enjoy this level of success have spent months and years building their reputation, credibility, and client base.

How Web Developers can Break into Freelancing – Web developers can struggle transitioning into the freelance lifestyle. You have to set your own hours and manage client interactions. You’re also responsible for deploying websites and oftentimes helping with maintenance down the road.

6 Portfolio Design Mistakes That Drive Me Nuts – I’ve viewed a ton of online portfolios and today I’d like to walk through some of the weaknesses I see time and time again. Read on to see if you’ve made some of these mistakes.

The extremely important business metric you’re not watching – If you’ve been an entrepreneur for long, there are certain metrics (measurements) you practically live by. Do you know where your business stands?

The Surprising Reason Why Freelancers Fail – In this post, I’ll examine five of the biggest failure factors that keep would-be freelancers from starting. I’ll also share some links to posts with even more causes of freelancer failure.

F*cking Brilliant, a great Read or just magnificent Tips!

Breaking out of design patterns – We often fall back on documentation to protect our jobs and to buck pass, when shared trust and responsibility is more efficient.

The Psychology of Storytelling: 10 Proven Ways to Create Better Stories (and Why Stories Sell) – Stories are a very integral part of being persuasive. You’d think that as a guy that loves research and data, I’d be averse to storytelling as a whole.

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I hope you have enjoyed these hand-picked great articles? Please let me know by sharing your opinion in the comments-section. Did we miss a great article, please let us know .. To keep up to date with all the cool links, simply follow me @gonzodesign


Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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  1. I seen you are aware of the fact that Google has for some reason flagged your site as malicious.
    Maybe you could write a blog post about how you handled and resolved it, once you do, of course.
    It would be very interesting and helpful for people running sites.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Caparico,

      It looks like you can read my mind ;-P My intention is to do exactly that, to write about this whole blacklisting story so others (and myself) have some kind of guide what to do when your site gets blocked. So far, all online scanners say my site is clean of malicious software, but nevertheless Google is blocking my site?

      Still don’t know why, my webhost even checked the site and couldn’t find anything? Checked every square inch of my site (source code, JavaScripts, htaccess, et al) but I can’t pinpoint anything .. cause IMHO there is nothing? Anyhowz, thanks for your comment and I’ll write about this slow and annoying process Google is putting me in! Cheers & Ciao!