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Logo Design Tips to Make Your Brand Pop!

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A logo is a graphic, typeset or combination of both that companies and individuals alike can use to promote their brand.  A logo becomes the image that embodies a specific entity, anything from an international enterprise to an individual’s blog.  A logo can be the most important aspect of a business other than the product and usually more recognizable.

Logos come in all shapes and sizes, simple to complex.  It can be the symbol that separates one product from another.  Look at it this way.  In a blind taste test it would be hard to distinguish Coca-Cola from Pepsi, but there are some who will live and die by Coke and others that feel the same way about Pepsi. The only thing that truly separates the two similar products is the logo on the front of the can and the more identifiable the logo, usually becomes the more popular brand.

Designing a good logo is no easy task though.  There are many things to consider when creating a new logo.  A logo should demonstrate the values of the company or brand as well as speak to the customers and target audience in an appealing fashion.  Here are some logo design tips that will make your logo stand out and your brand pop!

Know the Rules!

There are rules one should follow when creating a logo.

  • You do not talk about Fight Club.
  • As we said before, a logo must describe a company or brand
  • A logo must be memorable
  • A logo should be just as effective with and without color
  • Simple is almost always better
  • Aspect ratio is important
  • Don’t change

Now let’s discuss these rules in a little more detail.  The goal of every logo is to be memorable.  Whether it’s where they have been, what brand they are wearing, the product they are using, the goal of a logo is to help them remember.  All it takes is a little golden light on a dark night to know that McDonalds’ golden arches are on the other side of the horizon.  It’s unforgettable and been engraved into our brains (and for most of us too much on our stomachs).

It is important that a logo is as effective with color as it is in one color or grayscale.  A full color logo is not always going to be an option so it is essential that the same message is delivered in every color scheme.  The reason for this is money.  Color costs money.  Whether you want to run a print advertisement or buy branded apparel, the more color, the more money and if the logo looks different or doesn’t print well the money will be wasted.

Logos are typically glanced at for only a few seconds, this is why a clean, simple logo is almost always more effective than a complex one.  A complex logo can be hard to reproduce (we’ll discuss this more below).  It also can be harder to remember.  The longer it takes someone to fully take in and understand your logo the quicker they will forget and move on.  Look at some of the most popular brands in the world; Nike, Walmart, Target, McDonalds…we could all reproduce their logos in a few seconds.


One should always keep in mind the aspect ratio of their logo.  Having a logo that stands straight up or is extremely wide could pose problems.  These types of logos could create difficulties on the web, in an ad or imprinted on a product.  Having different versions of your logo that do those things are acceptable, but always keep in mind its best if your logo can fit inside a square box.

And lastly, make sure you are comfort with your logo design before you make it final.  Constantly changing your logo in a short period of time gives your brand no consistency.   The point of a logo is to establish a recognizable image to relate back to a certain thing.  Changing the image confuses people and can have them looking in different directions for the product you’ve already hooked them on.

Make Sure You Have a Vectored Version of Your Logo

This is more of a technical tip than anything else.  I feel like it always important to have a vectored copy of your logo.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this means, a vector file is made up of shapes and lines to make a vectored graphic.

Adobe Illustrator is the most common program to make vectored images and come in formats such as .ai, .eps, or .pdf.  Vectored graphics are full scalable images, meaning they don’t lose anything based on size.  While a raster image (aka .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png) begin to look pixelated when you scale them up or down.


Author: Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer at Blue Soda Promo, an online promotional products company. BSP imprints logos on items like custom promotional drawstring bags, sunglasses, tote bags, stress balls, and polo shirts at ridiculously low prices. We make your brand POP!

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  1. Hi Susan,

    .. in logo design the principle KISS (Keep it Simple & Stupid) is even more important! Simplicity is the key factor for us people to recognize and remember a logo, especially given the fact that a grown-up sees appr. 500-700 logos per day! So if you want your logo to stand out and be easily recognizable, make your icon/logo as simple as possible (example: Nike, FedEx, Apple, etc.).

    Overdesigning a logo means instantly killing a logo .. Thanks for your comment Susan, have a great day! Cheers & Ciao ..!