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15+ Free and Fresh High Quality Fonts (No.5 – May 2012)


In the last 4-6 weeks there have been a lot of new free fonts published, the choice is enormous. I have tried to focus only on the high quality and readable fonts, well suited for web as well for print, in particular for the use in headlines, logo and flyer designs.

To choose the right font for the job, the designer must also consider the purpose of the work and the expectations of the audience when making readability choices. Readable text affects how users process the information in the content. Poor readability scares readers away from the content.

On the other hand, done correctly, readability allows users to efficiently read and take in the information in the text. You want users to be able to read your content and absorb it easily. So, to communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate, readable and high-quality typefaces.

Some of these new fonts also come in more styles/weights, so you can easily embed these fonts in your web designs or use them as a corporate (print) typeface. So let’s cut the crap and get this party started .. yay!

NOTE: Tracking in all these fonts is set to 0, when OTF-fonts I also tried to add the faux italic and/or bold variants into the specimen.

Every month we try to publish new free fonts here on the gonzoblog.nl, in case you missed some beautiful fonts, make sure to check these too:

Znikomit [OTF]

Geo­met­ri­cal, thin, serif font Znikomit have Open­Type fea­tures: Stan­dard Lig­a­tures, Con­tex­tual Alter­nates, Small Cap­i­tals, Discre­tionary Lig­a­tures, Case Sen­si­tive Forms, Frac­tions,etc.

Znikomit free font

Designed by: glukfonts


Sina Nova Regular [OTF]

Sina Nova has a slightly vertical tendency, a higher x-height which makes it more open in small text sizes. Its economical proportions allow an even more universal application. Sina comes in 12 styles and in OpenType format, alas only the regular weight of this typeface is for free.

Sina Nova Regular

Designed by Dieter Hofrichter


Mikodacs [OTF – 2 Styles]

Geo­met­ri­cal, dec­o­ra­tive Display Typeface also available in Small-caps version.

Designed by Glukfonts


Narrator Free Font [OTF]

Narrator is a contemporary sans serif typeface that aims to achieve a neutral appearance while paired with a light and approachable personality.

Narrator Free Font

Designed by: Vince Lo


Insider Medium [OTF]

The Insider family is an OpenType Pro font, but only Insider Medium is completely free. It’s highly legible at small sizes because of the solid proportions and the well balanced inner forms. It’s optimized for text layout, but also works very well in headlines and leads.

Designed by: Rene Verkaart


Roboto font (12 + 4 styles)

The Android design language relies on traditional typographic tools such as scale, space, rhythm, and alignment with an underlying grid. Successful deployment of these tools is essential to help users quickly understand a screen of information. To support such use of typography, Ice Cream Sandwich introduced a new type family named Roboto, created specifically for the requirements of UI and high-resolution screens.

This font comes in 4 condensed styles and 12 (normal) styles including the weights: light, thin regular, medium, bold and black .. A lovely corporate (web)font if you ask me!

Roboto free font

Designed by Google Android Design


Hype font

Hype is a lovely sans serif, semi-light and condensed typeface, but it’s a pity this typeface only includes 51 glyphs and is only available as uppercase. Due to the limitation in glyphs and styles, you still can use this typeface in poster design and/or flyers.

HYPE display font

Designed by Nils Merkel


Tellural (4+4 styles)

This font is free for personal use and can be used commercially with a donation. The font contains many additional characters including Greek and Cyrillic letters. Also comes in an “alternate” version with a different lowercase letter “a,” that may be more identifiable among other letters/ easier to differentiate from other letters.

Tellural Free Font

Designed by Lauren Thompson


Deathe Maach [OTF & TTF]

While the freeware version of DEATHE MAACH arrives on your keyboard with Upper Case letters only, the commercial version of this font includes a complete range of lowercase characters. All versions of the DEATHE MAACH font include OT features and character replacement options.

Designed by the Fontry



Based on the title logo of the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies. Includes ‘short caps’, accent characters, and Euro. Must admit tho, the kerning sucks with this type!

Stark Free Font

Desined by Neale Davidson


Foro Slab Serif [OTF]

Foro was designed in 2012 to be a slab serif with an appealing flow, warm, and less harsh than many slab serifs. Foro comes in 16 styles and in OpenType format, but only the light variant is free to download.

foro slab serif free font

Designed by Hoftype


Tablet Gothic, SemiCond XB [OTF]

The new type family by Burian and Scaglione, Tablet Gothic is a grotesque sans serif that looks to the future of publishing with a clear understanding of its history. Tablet Gothic delivers the sturdy, straightforward and clean appearance expected from a grotesque, but it allows itself a good measure of personality to make it stand out on the page.

After selecting Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Extrabold in the webshop, simply add the code in the checkout and download the font.

Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed ExtraBold

Designed by Type Together



Nougatine is a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies. Delivered with 380 glyphs, many ligatures and a panel of alternative letters, it brings to you the power of making better combinations because it enables the power of versatility. Used for editorial and commercial purposes, Nougatine is a great all-rounder ..

Nougatine font

Designed by Fabien Laborie


Flexo Contour™

Flexo Contour is a geometric display font, with humanistic warmth. It is a synthesis of the geometric and the humanistic. It has both mathematical straightforwardness, and humanistic refinement. Flexo Contour is part of the extended Flexo font family. Download Flexo Contour for free, by just paying with a tweet or a Facebook post.

Designed by Ben Blom


Frontage Typeface

Frontage is a charming layered type system with endless design possibilities using different combinations of fonts and colors. Achieve a realistic 3D effect by adding the shadow font or just use the capital letters of the regular and bold cut for stark artwork.

The typeface’s design is based on a simple grid which creates the friendly, handcrafted look of facade signs. It is generously spaced for maximum impact of your message.

Frontage Outline

Designed by Juri Zaech


Patua One [OTF]

Patua One is a lovely slab serif text type designed for use in small sizes. It has low contrast and strong serifs and is intended to generate visual impact. Its thick serifs are curved to provide it with a touch of smoothness and gesture. Also available as Google Webfont!

Patua One Slab Serif

Designed by Latinotype


Trocchi [OTF – 2 styles]

‘Trocchi’ is a design derived from a number of old faces from the English typecutter Vincent Figgins (1766-1844) including Nebiolo’s ‘Egiziano’, and Caslon & Co’s ‘Antique No.4′ and ‘Ionic No.2′. Trocchi derivates from these earlier designs to produce a more casual slab serif. Trocchi is designed for use both as text and display type. The font is named after the Scottish novelist Alexander Trocchi.

Designed by Vernon Adams



Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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  1. Thanks so much for including my font Tellural on here. I hope the readers that download it find it useful as well.

    • Hi Lauren,

      .. I guess we need to thank you for making such a lovely typeface: loads of characters, weights and styles .. and giving it away for free ;-P

      You made a brilliant readable (corporate) typeface for web and/or on paper, very useful IMHO!

      If you’re planning to make more weights or another (new) typeface, I hope you’ll consider keeping me posted? I’ld be honored to showcase it here on the gonzoblog.nl

      Thanks for commenting, much appreciated! Hope you’ll have a splendid weekend? Cheers & Ciao Lauren ..!

  2. Really great fonts, very nice blog, thanks for sharing!

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