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10 Free Resumé / CV WordPress Themes (+Bonus Plugin)


CV’s have traditionally been bits of paper that sum up your experience, skills, projects and more. However, with technology continually evolving, we are no longer limited to text on a piece of paper. If you think about your career, especially when you’re a web designer or developer, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have a online resumé web site?

An online resumé allows you to easy update and add your experiences, projects and skills, it’s also preferable to host a downloadable version in PDF format if prospective employers wanted to print it out (like I did with my online Resumé). Online Resumés and/or digital business cards have become very popular in the last couple of years and with good reason ..

Living in the digital age that we do, it makes perfectly sense to have your own CV site. More and more, clients and employers are performing online searches to learn more about the people with which they are considering to engage. Having a search engine friendly web site makes it more likely they will find you (the use of keywords makes it easy for people to zero in on the skills and/or expertise).

But there’s more, having the capability to embed Multimedia (i.e. images, video, presentations, links) makes it easier for you to tell your story in a vivid and interesting way and to stand out from the crowd. And last but not least, you can use links to direct people to specific content areas of your profile, portfolio projects or to articles on your blog.

Publishing a resumé, CV, or vCard online with a WordPress theme can be a great idea if you’re looking for a job or just want to have an online resumé. In fact, it’s become such a popular practice, that there are several free CV WordPress themes available. So, ..  go ahead and make yourself a cool online curriculum vitae with any of these free and great resumé / vCard WordPress Themes, good luck!


zeeBizzCard is a clean and elegant styled Business Card Theme for WordPress that fits perfectly for a sleek homepage for personalities, freelancers, entrepreneurs or small business owners.

zeeBizzCard WordPress Theme



MiniCard is a social network/business card free WordPress theme inspired by Tim Van Damme’s bussiness card website. The theme lets you add links to all the social networking sites you may be a member of, and post useful information such as bio’s and contact details.

MiniCard WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


BizzCard is as its name suggests business card theme, aimed at freelance professionals that want to make their online presence as simple and creative as possible. No complex information blocks, just straightforward: YOU! Free to download, however licensed version has more features.

BizzCard WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Visiting Card

The theme comes with Theme Control Panel from where you could set all the aspects of the theme. If you don’t need some of them to show, simply leave them blank and they won’t appear.

Visiting Card WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


Here’s a nifty WordPress vCard theme inspired by the Google Wave design, with about section and social networks. Idea of this WordPress Theme is grabbed from Tim van Damme’s website, and inspired by Google Wave. With this Theme you can build your own vCard site in no time.

wavCard WordPress Theme

No Demo | Download

The Digital Business Card

The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme is an attempt at creating a very simple branding page for individuals that are comfortable using WordPress.

Digital Business Card WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Ipseity Personal Branding Theme

“Ipseity” means selfhood, or individual identity. Although this theme isn’t a resume/CV as such, it is a personal branding theme for your site that allows you to list your contact details, achievements, anything you want really, in a beautiful sliding site. Essentially this is another creative personal branding theme that you can customize for your needs.

Ipseity Personal Branding WordPress Theme

Demo |  Download


The Profile theme for WordPress creates a simple, effective “online business card” for you. This is great for freelancers and consultants. Just install WordPress with this theme then fill in the blanks. You can create pages to introduce yourself, describe your services and show off your previous works. It’s easy for people to contact you via the contact form. They can also connect with you using the social profile links.

Profile WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Prosume WordPress Theme

Prosume is a free Responsive Resume Theme for WordPress that publishes your personal resume and portfolio in an easy way. The layout utilizs the Less Framework concept so that it will adjust on different screen sizes, and relies on HTML5 and CSS3.

Prosume WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


Free vCard WordPress theme inspired in the idea from TimVanDamme. vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards, but in this case we used for create amazing theme, you can add all information using the hCard microformat, include your location using google maps, if you want to have a portfolio or blog you can do it with this theme. This theme comes in 2 flavours, a premium and a free version.

vCard WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Bonus: Plugin to make a Resume Site

 WP Resume Plugin

WP Resume is an out-of-the-box solution to get your resume online and keep it updated. Built on WordPress 3.0′s custom post type functionality, it offers a uniquely familiar approach to publishing. If you’ve got a WordPress site, you already know how to use WP Resume.

WP Resume WordPress Plugin

Demo | Download


Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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  2. If you don’t mind me adding a resource, there is a blogger/coder John Do who has some branding page templates. Not quite in the resume niche, but very close and can certainly be used to showcase a portfolio.