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15 Best and Free Responsive WordPress Themes


As there is a growing necessity for people to interact with the web by using various devices, like mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, a question of responsive design becomes very urgent. From our WordPress Series we present you the Best free and responsive WordPress Themes!

Since Responsive Web Design is slowly taking the marketplace, there are more and more free WordPress Themes that are designed with responsive web design to display well in different screen sizes. There are a number of great WordPress themes with responsive layouts and I’ve collected them in this Article for you.

The quality of these Responsive WordPress Themes is really good and usable to hack into a customized Theme. You can just have a quick look at the designs by clicking the ‘demo’- button. I hope you’ll like my collection of responsive WordPress Themes, .. so please, let’s rock!


Twenty Eleven – Responsive WordPress Theme

The 2011 theme for WordPress is sophisticated, lightweight, and responsive. Make it yours with a custom menu, header image, and background — then go further with available theme options for light or dark color scheme, custom link colors, and three layout choices. Included are styles for print and for the admin editor, support for featured images (as custom header images on posts and pages and as large images on featured “sticky” posts), and special styles for six different post formats.

responsive WordPress theme - TwentyEleven

Demo | Download

Mixfolio – Responsive WordPress Theme

Mixfolio is a free responsive, HTML5 portfolio WordPress Theme by Graph Paper Press. It is a great portfolio theme to showcase your projects or images because of a filterable Portfolio with jQuery integrated with WordPress.  Assign Posts to specific Post Formats, such as Image, Gallery, Video, Standard, Quote and Link. Mixfolio changes post designs based on the Post Format.

responsive WordPress theme - mixfolio

Demo | Download

Yoko – Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoko is a great looking and flexible WordPress theme. It comes with a responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, and the theme adjusts to different screen sizes. The design is optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens. To make your blog post more flexible you can use different kinds of post formats such as gallery, image, video, aside, link or quotes. To customize the theme you can choose your own background, link color, logo and header image.

responsive wordpress theme - Yoko

Demo | Download

Respo – Responsive WordPress Theme

Respo is amazing WordPress theme with clean, sleek and customizable design. The theme is suitable for presonal blogs and/or online magazines. This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. The sliders for this theme is responsive too, which means it works super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone.

responsive WordPress theme - Respo

Demo | Download

Orion – Responsive WordPress Theme

This beautiful fully responsive theme is ideal for design agency website, designer portfolio etc. Theme has a light, clear, minimalistic design and complementing typography. The homepage features a jQuery slider for featured posts. Theme supports wordpress 3 features like custom menu, featured thumbnail etc. Theme also comes with a theme option page.

responsive WordPress theme Orion

Demo | Download

Retouch – Responsive WordPress Theme

Retouch is a responsive one-column WordPress photo theme with polaroid type design, sleek gallery interface, widgets and paper tab drop down menus. The three column gallery thumbnails open up in lightbox style covering the full window and Retouch supports Image and Gallery Post formats in addition to standard post formats. While this is a perfect theme to showcase one image per post, you can aslo add blog posts with embedded galleries and videos in the standard post format.

responsive WordPress theme - Retouche

Demo | Download

Blaskan – Responsive WordPress Theme

Blaskan is a responsive theme built for smartphones, tablets as well as laptop and desktop computers. A forever free high quality theme focused on what WordPress does best: blogging.

responsive WordPress theme - Blaskan

Demo | Download

Codium Extend – Responsive WordPress Theme

Codium Extend is a minimalist and responsive theme for wordpress and ready for all the wordpress 3.+ feature like custom menus, colors or background. Light colors and white is perfect for having a really nice blog!

responsive WordPress theme - Codium

Demo | Download

Origin – Responsive WordPress Theme

Origin is a simple and elegant theme with responsive layout for better viewing on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It’s built on the Hybrid Core framework and inherits its professional and well-organized coding practices, making it an excellent starting point for further customization and development.

responsive WordPress theme - Origin

Demo | Download

Skeleton – Responsive WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is a Responsive Web Design (RWD) based on the popular Skeleton Boilerplate grid framework for fluid columns. This theme works in all modern desktop browsers and uses CSS3 media queries to deliver a fluid browsing experience to tablets and smart phones.

responsive WordPress theme - Skeleton

Demo | Download

SimpleMarket – Responsive WordPress Theme

SimpleMarket is a theme designed to work for the MarketPress plugin but also to work without it just like any other theme. It comes with responsive design that easily adapts to a variety of screen sizes and devices. The theme comes with many of the WordPress 3.0x features – custom header, custom menus, custom background and post formats to name a few.

responsive WordPress theme - SimpleMarket

Demo | Download

Scherzo – Responsive WordPress Theme

A mobile first, responsive theme for WordPress. Scherzo is a clean, readable theme that boasts a mobile first design, which means it displays perfectly on all mobile phones as well as desktop monitors. It requires version 3 or higher of WordPress and makes use of HTML5 structural tags, the hatom microformat and ARIA landmark roles.

In plain language that means search engines will be able to interpret your content easily while screen readers will be able to navigate it with no problems.

responsive WordPress theme - Scherzo

Demo | Download

Foundation – Responsive WordPress Theme

Foundation, for WordPress (a blank starter theme), features everything ZURB’s Foundation Framework and HTML5 Boilerplate have to offer, however, some changes have been made to tailer it to WordPress. All your common WordPress template files are included as well as Orbit for WordPress, ZURB’s image and content slider tailored for WordPress, with the ability to manage your slider through WordPress.

responsive WordPress theme - Foundation

Demo | Download

BonPress – Responsive WordPress Theme

BonPress is the perfect personal blog theme. Packed with Post Formats (audio, video) feature and multiple Custom Widgets, like Twitter, Flickr, will offer you a unique experience from blogging. This theme supports “Post Formats” feature, which allows you to create easily different types of posts, like Audio, Video, Image.

responsive WordPress theme - BonPress

Demo | Download

Flexible – Responsive WordPress Theme

Flexible is a WordPress theme that helps optimize and present content to fit any screen size. It gives readers a seamless experience regardless device or platform. Flexible includes an essential and very easy to set up Facebook fangate. It is also preloaded with themekit for site wide painless design customization.

responsive WordPress theme - Flexible

Demo | Download

– § –

Watch Out for Fake Responsive WordPress Themes

There are a lot of WordPress Themes that claim that they are responsive, like Gridly, Photon, etc. But these themes use a masonry jQuery that makes the website somewhat adaptive! If you look at the Gridly WordPress Theme at a single post, you’ll see it’s NOT responsive at all?

For a website to call itself responsive there are 3 features needed, these 3  key technical features are the heart of every responsive Web design:

  1. Media queries and media query listeners
  2. A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing
  3. Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS

Actually some of the above showcased themes don’t have a fluid design, e.g. responsive images, media and content .. hmm?


Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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    Great post :)

  2. I really like the post.Great work.

  3. Great collection.
    Good to see lots of auto-resizing themes in one place.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Unfortunately »Mixfolio« is no more free available.

    • Hi mo,

      That’s bad to hear mate! Especially because I accidently deleted my (free) version a couple of weeks ago :(

      Damn Mo, instantly I can feel your pain! Anyhowz, hope you have a great day! Cheers & Ciao ..

  5. Dude you have got a great collection of responsive themes but I didnt feel anything appealing for this tech blog, Anyway Can you suggest a good theme [Responsive] for me ???

    • Hi Techbay,

      .. I just saw your website. Although it’s not 100 responsive (your images aren’t fluid), I must say it looks nice. With some tweaking and adding codes (HTML and CSS – especially your media queries) you could really make something of it, at least someone capable of coding responsive sites could. I really don’t know what your specific demands are, so it’s hard for me to point out a responsive theme for you, but there’s been a lot of posts after this one with an similar title and they are listed in Google too.

      Otherwise you could check some premium responsive themes? My advice would be to go to themeforest, good solid themes and good theme options so you can customize your blog. It’s just a thought? Thanks for your comment, cheers & ciao ..

  6. Great collection.
    Good to see lots of auto-resizing themes in one place.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Prodyot,

      glad you liked them, some of these themes are a great solid platform to customize your own/clients’ theme. Enjoy your day, cheers & ciao ..

  7. Great showcase. Think I might use Origin for an upcoming sideproject.

    • Hi GWD,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked my little collection! Must say, good choice, although I love the first 3 or 4 most. These themes are really responsive, also with fluid images and the bunch. Especially Yoko is put smart together, .. just my 2 cents! have a successful week, Cheers & Ciao!

  8. Nice post!!

    Looking for a Minimal, Responsive, Gallery WordPress theme?

    • Hi Shiro,

      sorry for my late reply, seem to have missed your comment ;-P But I already spotted (and tweeted) about your great new responsive WordPress Theme, well done!

      If another update of this part of my WordPress Series will happen, I’ll be sure to mention your gorgeous theme as well ;-P

      Have a great day, and keep up the good work! Cheers & Ciao ..

  9. The list of responsive templates looks great… although most of them aren’t responsive at all, merely adaptive, i.e. they only respond to certain breakpoints, and don’t scale in between those points.

    • Hi Christiaan,

      Thanks for your comment, if you’ve read the last part of this blog post (especially the last sentence), you’ll notice that this also was my conclusion ;-P Have a great day and thanks for your visit! Cheers & Ciao … (groetjes ;-P)

  10. Nice and free responsive wordpress themes. Thanks for the share :)

  11. Hi Gonzo,

    Thanks for considering my theme ( orion ) for your roundup along with some cool responsive themes. Great list.


    • Hi Jinson,

      I like your theme very much, clean code, really fluid theme .. yep, well done! If you’ll ever make a new free responsive WordPress Theme, please, keep me posted? Thanks for your comment, have a great day!

      Cheers & Ciao ..

  12. nice theme collection!

    yes i agree with you that photum not really responsive. but when i take a look at gridly (even for the single post), i found that gridly is a responsive theme.

    • Hi Pembuat,

      Gridly has a masonry plugin for the homepage, so it’s not fluid and has no media-query backing it. And I just checked (in Chrome, FireFox and Safari) but the projectpages of Gridly aren’t responsive .. just make the width of your browser smaller. The main picture and content is NOT fluid. The 3 technical features aren’t all in this design, therefore this theme is NOT responsive. SOrry, I can’t change the facts here ;-P

      Thanks for your comment, appreciate it! Enjoy your Sunday, Cheers & Ciao ..

  13. Thanks for the exposure…

  14. All the themes are looking very beautiful. In the wordpress platfrom you can also custom wordpress design. By the use of the custom wordpress design you can create a unique design or you can change and modify the design.

    • Hi RH,

      yep, you’re totally right here! And what better way to come to gonzodesign and make that unique custom-made WordPress Theme, based on the wishes and way to use prefered by the client! Even better, I make your WP Theme from scratch and responsive too .. just change the width of your browser and the enjoy the magic of responsive web design!

  15. We are one of the leading company providng different types of theme for wordpress site. We provide WordPress Themes and WordPress Themes 2012.

    • Hi NThemes,

      .. first of all, to be honest with you, I’ve never heard of you guys before? But saw your site and you’ve got some nice wordpress themes! Maybe it’s an option you guys could post your best free WordPress Themes here on the gonzoblog.nl? Or maybe even a give away? It’s just a thought ..?

      Looking forward to your reply, have a great day! Cheers & Ciao ..

  16. Thanks for the collection of WordPress Themes

    • Hi Yatin,

      Hope you liked my collection? There are some brilliant themes to customize for your clients and being responsive at the same time. Win/win situation?

      Thanks for your comment, Cheers & Ciao ..