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gonzogallery: Web-Inspiration #03 [Responsive Web Design]


In the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to study the appropriate techniques and to design several responsive web designs (like this blog you’re reading now ;-P). Since the publication of Ethan Marcotte’s Article about Responsive Design in A List Apart, there is an ongoing buzz on the interwebs about this ‘adaptiveness’ of a webpage’s layout to the device it’s being displayed on.

There have been several blog-posts around the blogosphere about this topic, with (mostly) the same websites over and over again. It’s not that I don’t like the responsive websites of Elliot Jay Stocks, Trent Walton, Simon CollisonForefathers, Boston Globe, .., etc., because I do love those websites and yes, they somehow paved the way for the success responsive web design has now! So, nothing but .. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

But I just wanted to look a bit further and try to find the more ‘unknown’ gems, to see how other designers/developers deal with some of the practical problems designing responsive web sites (content management, navigation menu’s, responsiveness of images/vids, etc.).

The point of this post is not to just simply show you good looking screenshots. I’ve tried to give you some (‘unknown’) inspiration which could spark some ideas for your own website or blog, and how to make it responsive too. Good luck and I hope you’ll enjoy my little collection of 15 responsive web designs! So, let’s hit the road, Jack ..!

Illy Issimo

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Deren Keskin

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William Csete

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Joshua Turner

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Nathan Leigh Davis

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The Happy Bit

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Hello Fisher

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Taking inspiration from other designs will help you create beautiful websites that grab user’s attention and increase the effectiveness of your site’s message.

Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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  1. Thanks for including my site among so many great examples of responsive design. Always great to get positive feedback from the community. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for your comment, love what you have done with the header of your website! A well coded and good looking website deserves to be in this collection, .. that’s why you’re in it ;-P Great work!

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Cheers & Ciao ..!

  2. Wonderful collections!! I was really searching for these type of designs. Thanks

  3. Great looking sites ! Thank you for this post ! We could take some awesome ideas from these styles ;)

    • Hi Minoan,

      Glad you liked my collection of responsive webdesigns, will publish another gonzogallery in the future with more spectacular websites! Thanks for visiting the gonzoblog and have a brilliant new year! Cheers & Ciao ..

  4. Great looking web designs, thanks! I shared your post.

  5. Very nice and creative websites for inspiration, thanks for sharing.