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.. And 10 more Free and Fresh High-Quality Fonts (2011)


Being a typeface lover myself, I love to search the different websites of typefoundries, or clicking tweets that mention fonts, etc. I strongly believe that type can set the mood of every design and can make your message more personal. The proper selection of typography can convert your normal design into a very attractive piece of  ‘communication’.

Among other things, effective typography manages to achieve three necessary objectives of designing are Look, Appearance and Outcome which helps you to stand out from the crowds. To communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate, readable and high-quality typefaces. This collection of fonts are designed to be well suited for web or print, headlines, logo and flyer design.

So let’s cut the crap and show you some more fresh font goodness:


Mako is a minimal sans serif designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Designed by: Vernon Adams



A condensed uppercase typeface with regular, thin, inline, and bold weights.

Designed by: Morgan Knutson


Governor (.ttf)

An Art Deco alphabet inspired by the apartment signage of Miami Beach.

Designed by: Riley Cran


Muli (.ttf)

Laid-back, slightly slanted, functional sans serif. Supernormal. Named after the favourite Swiss Tractor of the Designer.

Designed by: Vernon Adams


Font Foglihten

Geo­met­ri­cal, serif font Fam­ily: Reg­u­lar and Petite­Caps. Fogli­hten Reg­u­lar have Open­Type fea­tures: Stan­dard Lig­a­tures, Con­tex­tual Alter­nates, Small Cap­i­tals, Discre­tionary Lig­a­tures, Case Sen­si­tive Forms, Old­style Num­bers, Frac­tions, alter­nate Glyphs “K”, “R” as Styl­is­tic Set 01 and alter­nate Glyphs “Ä”, “Ö”, “Ü” as Styl­is­tic Set 02.

Designed by: glukfonts


Quaver Sans/Serif

Two fonts with a complimentary feel. One serif. One sans serif. Both contain the full character set plus ligatures. 400+ glyphs in total.

Designed by: tippletype



The typeface follows the humanist model of Ludovico Arrighi’s italic type from Renaissance Italy, but its calligraphic details have been simplified to create a friendly voice. Pigeon also incorporates some of the “sparkle” that gives drama to the Dutch Baroque types of Johannes Fleischmann, referencing the nobility of letter-writing.

Designed by: Dai Foldes



Inspiration for the creation of this font came from Aleksandra Henrikh. For this headset developed two typefaces — an old and new style. The old style is based on the typography of Peter I (Russian Czar). The second on modern typography, adopted by the Bolsheviks. The headset has a mixed style, because of this, she looks more beautiful and unusual from the rest.

Designed by: Aleksander Shevchuk



Logisoso is an ongoing type design project. Logisoso is a reinterpretation of the Delhaize logo lettering. It was used to identify different buildings. Created during a signage project for a logistics center, where it was used to identify different buildings, the font was later completed with Inkscape and generated with FontForge. The download package contains the source files for you to improve and optimize the font.

Designed by: OSP-foundry



Lekton is a great looking mono-spaced sans-serif as an alternative to Courier and free to download in three weights of regular, italic and bold. Lekton is a nice face inspired by olivetti typewriters created at Isia Urbino (Institute for Industrial Arts in Italy) in eight hour. Lekton is an open-source project, with no copyright or trademark qualification in order to permit the free use of the typeface, that can be modified as well as redesigned.

Note: Lekton is submitted to fontsquirrel on 22th December 2010, officially the only font from 2010, but because it’s by far one of the best monospaced typefaces in this last year or so, is the only reason why I have included this font.

Designed by: Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino


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Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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