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Logo Products to Promote your Brand


Presenting a guest-post by Jana Tropper, Jana writes frequently for Quality Logo Products. She has several years of experience as both a writer and a marketer.

There’s nothing quite as powerful as putting your brand in the hands of your customers. Literally. Sometimes it means a close up of a company name while chewing on a pencil or and others it’s being reminded of a favorite restaurant each time you strike a match. Those tangible little name drops can help keep your business in the forefront of  a potential customer’s mind.

Promo products are practically pre-requisite for conferences and trade shows, no one visits a booth that isn’t offering SOME kind of swag. But they are also useful for day-to-day business and giving people something to takeaway with them every time they visit you.  Regardless of how you choose to use your logo products, there are a few important things to keep in mind in order to keep your message strong and clear.

Select the Best Product

While it goes without saying that certain things are just inappropriate as promo products for most businesses, e.g. Toilet paper or garbage bags. Choosing the right product isn’t just about avoiding blatantly classless or embarrassing choices, it’s about selecting the best possible framing your brand message. It’s easy to just pick from a variety of pens and pencils, writing utensils are some of the most popular choices for brand items because they are portable, functional and can be ordered on the cheap in mass quantities.

So if you’re looking for a hand-out for hand-out’s sake there’s nothing wrong with sharpening up a branded #2 or an imprinting a Bic. But if you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart, think carefully about the product you select. A company can use a product wisely to promote not only their name but their core message and even their corporate culture. Products like water bottles or stress balls can help promote an image of healthy living. Offering logo printed cloth shopping bags can be indicative of a “green” mentality.  But, while some kinds of products can be selected to help support a company message others, can miss the mark.

For instance can coolers are probably inappropriate for a business dealing in children’s products or services or vice versa, mouse pads may not be the strongest choice for companies targeting a more senior demographic. This may seem obvious enough, but the important point is to really think about the intended use for your product and whether or not that, in some way, relates to your core brand message.

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Send a Clear Message

Selecting the best product to represent your brand is the first step, making sure that message comes across clearly on the product is the second key to successfully using a logo product. A lot of times the train goes of the track here due to simple logistics. That’s why it’s important to really consider all of the possible issues that could arise to make sure your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

Not every logo that looks fantastic on a business card is going to be equally as impressive on a 3d surface. Consider how well the color, size or detailing in your business logo will transfer well onto the product you’ve chosen. An elaborate logo may need to be scaled back, colors may need to be reversed and even the cleverest of tag lines may need to get cut. While some compromises may need to be made, the last thing you want to sacrifice is the clarity of your brand.

Print quality should also be a consideration. If the print wears off a promotional glass after a few washes, your well-crafted promo item becomes just another glass in the cupboard. Ultimately, your name should be to the star of the product, and it should leave a lasting impression.

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now.

Once you’ve developed a logo item that presents a clear, branded message about your business, go ahead and get rid of it. Having them sitting in boxes or cluttering up the office waiting for the perfect time to dispense them defeats the entire point of developing a great logo product to begin with. Definitely hand them out to existing customers and friends but go beyond that. Reach out to the community and get involved with at local events. Sponsor local charity events, find out about getting your products included in gift bags and prize packages.

If you’ve chosen a functional product, perhaps local businesses, schools or community groups could make use of these products. Be creative and bold in your approach to dispensing the items, try reaching out into new demographics, even if only to help increase your brand name recognition. But whatever you do, get them out there. Don’t wind up with a closet full of un-used light up key chains or some other bauble that has gathered more dust than new business.

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Using logo products can be a fun, personable and highly effective method of branding and advertising. When done well, they can be an easy way to get into the homes and minds of a brand new base of potential customers.


Author: Jana Tropper

Jana writes frequently for Quality Logo Products, a custom promo items site. She has several years of experience as both a writer and a marketer.


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