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My Logodesign Questionnaire for Clients


Design firms use questionnaires to help identify their clients’ needs. The questionnaire below is a translation of my Dutch Logo-Questionnaire and may be used as a basis for creating one of your own.

Sometimes, getting information out of a client can be a little like pulling teeth. A great research instrument that could come in handy now is a questionnaire, consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from clients. I use to sent this questionnaire whenever a client askes me to design a logo for her/his company.

I advise you to sent it prior to the meeting, getting as much information up front will help you keeping the logo design process going smoothly and also to be prepared for your meeting. The information will also help train your client to think about their project in a lot of different aspects. Not only is this questionnaire intended to identify your clients’ needs, but also what a client doesn’t want!

Part 01: Company-related Questions

  • What is your Business Name, and what is the exact name you would like used in your logo design?
  • What is your a tagline, slogan or motto? Do you want that included in the design?
  • What is the core-business of your Company?
  • As a visual identity cannot communicate all aspects of your business, it is necessary to prioritize the communication goals. With that in mind, please choose 5 characteristic words that best describe your Company, Product or Service?
  • What will you be in 5 years from now?
  • Choose 3 words you want people to associate with your business when seeing the new identity?


Part 02: Design-related Questions

  • Why do you want a new logo? What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it?
  • Are you interested in a wordmark only (like FedEx, Sony or Braun), or do you want a logo with a symbol as well (think of Motorola, Mercedes or Pepsi)?
  • Can you name one or two identities from both inside and outside your particular field of industry that you love? What do you like about them? Why do you think they’re effective?
  • How would you like the typography to appear? Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?Please supply a brief description of the design you have in mind and any other information that would be useful.
  • Where will your logo primarily be used? Would you like any addition design services to be packaged with your new logo (e.g. business cards, brochure, stationary, etc.)?
  • What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?
  • Of the identities you have used to date, what was ‘problematic’ about them? Are any aspects of these identities still relevant?
  • Do you have an in house design team to ensure correct logo usage in the future materials?

Part 03: Audience-related Questions

  • Describe your primary Audience / Target Market (please include gender, age and geography). Will this change over time?
  • To whom does the identity most need to appeal (e.g. wholesalers, retailers, competition or customers)? Please rank them from most important to least important.

Part 04: Competition-related Questions

  • Who is your primary competition and how do they identify themselves (please provide website addresses / URL’s)
  • What differentiates your Company from the competion? In what ways are you unique / different, or do you provide a distinct experience?

Part 05: Any last Wishes or Thoughts?

  • Anything else I should know? Are there any aspects of your business or clichés that should be de-emphasized or avoided in an identity? Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use?


Not many people enjoy filling out questionnaires, but for every logo design project to be successful you really need some background information about the company and their vision, before you’re going to work for them ..

I know that some designers also ask what the clients’ Budget is for the new project. I don’t put that in my questionnaire, but I do ask it when I have the meeting with the client. This is also a way to see if the client is thinking realistic about what things do cost, or to make a priority list of wishes and needs based on that Budget.

– § 

Having clients provide information and links allows you to get a better feel for their market and competition, it helps in creating an overall feeling and impression of the field of industry and about your client. How do you get the information out of your client, please let me know, I’d love to hear it. The comment-section is completely yours ;-P


Author: Jan Rajtoral

Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.


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